Shoshinge Shakyo Template

For those of you who would like to practice shakyo, or for those who already practice shakyo, I have made a Shoshinge template that I personally use.

Shakyo is the art of copying sutras, and the reason why I often do it is because it helps me relax, and serves as a type of brush meditational practice.

I have originally designed these templates to print out on rice paper that is 682mmx182mm (long, vertical type), however, you can break up the jpgs with basic image editing software.

How it works is that you print out the templates (whether that is on regular paper or long rice paper), and then you use a brush pen to trace over the kanji. A brush pen can be gotten at most art supply stores, so you can choose which type of brush pen works best for you. The kanjis are printed at 20% opacity, so it is good enough to see, and then when you write over them with the brush pen, it covers up the markings.

Use the ‘scale to paper’ option if you are printing these, but be sure to first adjust the templates to your paper size/ break it up, etc.

Shoshinge Shakyo (a)

Shoshinge Shakyo Template (a)

Shoshinge Shakyo 2

Shoshinge Shakyo Template (b)


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