This site is a compilation of the notes and knowledge I have gathered on Pure Land Buddhism over the years, and discussions about important Buddhism topics. I am a Buddhism enthusiast, and so I wanted to create a common point for people to gain an understanding about Buddhism in the Pure Land sect.

Buddhism is a very complex religion when it comes down to it all, and so this site also serves in propagating the true teachings of the Dharma and demystifying complex topics so that you can gain better knowledge about Buddhism.

It is my pleasure to present this site to you, and will continue to write articles as much as I am able to. I also encourage you to teach your friends and loved ones about Buddhism, and turn the Dharma Wheel yourself so that the true teachings may be spread along.

Buddhism is perhaps the most intriguing form of psychology, and so let us study in earnest.


Notes on Jodo Shinshu Pure Land Buddhism


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